This is a follow-up to the post on registering author and performer names.  Because I realized that someone might read that post and mistakenly think that the limitations described therein would apply in the case of the name of a group or band which just happens to also be the name of a person in the band (or even a fictitious name), I want to correct that incorrect (but logical) assumption.  Registering band names is straightforward and there are no special rules involved.  Examples of a specimen for sound recordings (Class 9) would be an album cover (even if there is only one album) and a specimen for live performances (Class 41) might be an advertisement for an upcoming concert.  Interestingly many famous bands have not registered their names as trademarks in the U.S. (at least the ones I checked).  I can’t explain that but if you’re reading this (yeah, right!), Passion Pit, Athlete, Phoenix and Keane…give me a call!  p.s., Phoenix, the search doesn’t look good but we can figure something out.