Trademark Registration Services

Trademark Registration

Trademark Search - $100 (includes at least one search and often more depending on how much time they take).

Trademark Registration Legal Fee - $400 includes all work through registration (responding to ALL office actions (including substantive), processing Statements of Use, etc.) + USPTO fees (generally, $225 per Class of goods and/or services).

I will match any lower attorney fee that you can find for the equivalent service.

Trademark Office Action Responses 

$100 - $700 (depending on the complexity of the office action). The fee also includes ALL WORK from when I take over your application through registration (i.e., it’s a lot more than just responding once to your office action).

Simply email me your application serial number and I will review your office action for FREE and provide you with my assessment of it and of my ability to present convincing legal and factual arguments and evidence to get your trademark approved.   

Beware of many other services that offer very confusing and arguably deceptive pricing terms, often buried in their "Terms of Service"